Orissa Massey

Orissa Massey

Orissa Massey, a child intervention specialist at Howard University Hospital, received a BS in Biology from Fisk University and a Masters in Social Work from Howard University. As a JEF alumnus, she was the keynote speaker at the DCCSC’2000 in April 2000 in Washington, DC and at the Gulf Coast Computer Conference in Biloxi, MS in November 2000.

She was a student instructor at JEF during her high school years at Archbishop Carroll High School. During that time she developed two expert systems, a History of the OMIK Amateur Communications Association and a Directory of Black Scientists for the Organization of Black Scientists and was the JEF expert in the area of neural computing.

Her work has been presented at the 1992 Symposium of the International Association of Knowledge Engineers and published in  the Proceedings of the District of Columbia Computer Science Conferences (DCCSC’92, DCCSC’93, DCCSC’94, DCCSC’95),  the Second World Congress on Expert Systems in  Lisbon, Portugal in 1994 and the Third World Congress on Expert Systems in Seoul South Korea in 1996.

Her photo was in the Fall 1991 issue of the NTA Journal, the February 1993 issue of Black Enterprise, and the March 1993 issue of Engineering Horizons magazine. Orissa and other JEF students were highlighted in the May/June Issue of PC Artificial  Intelligence magazine.

She is the recipient of the first JEF Student of the Year award and the Charlene Drew Jarvis Award, both in 1995.  She presented a paper, “Experts vs Expert Systems”, at the Fourth World Congress on Expert Systems in Mexico City in March 1998.