About JEF

Joint Educational Facilities, Inc. (JEF) is an all volunteer non-profit community-based K-12 organization that works primarily with junior and senior high school students and teaches them advanced computing sciences and contemporary mathematics topics with an emphasis on Intelligent Technologies.

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Mission Statement

JEF will evolve from a computer center which has an emphasis on PC-based hardware/software platforms to a supercomputer center which integrates computational thinking with computational science mapped onto high performance computing and high speed networking.

The research focus of JEF students will fully shift to “grand challenge” type problems. There will be a synchronization such that JEF students will be able to transition into research internships at the state (Ohio), regional (Clemson University)  and national supercomputer centers funded by NSF.

Dr. Jesse Bemley, Founder

Dr. Bemley founded the Joint Education Facilities (JEF) Program, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in 1982, with minimum equipment in a room in the basement of his home in Washington DC. Using his Computer Science expertise he conducted the program every Saturday, always with little funding. From those humble beginnings, he has built a program with a strong reputation for excellence in mentoring over 700 young people throughout the DC area.

He has accomplished much with the JEF program. He has combined his many leadership skills with the courage and willingness to accept challenges and hurdles associated with mentoring inner-city youth. Not only has he been able to introduce these students to the acquisition of computer skills, knowledge, and leading-edge technology, but he has also been successful in expanding their horizons as well. 

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JEF Box of Technologies

Artificial Intelligence
Expert Systems
3D Modeling
Virtual Humans
Cloud Computing
Computer Gaming
Wearable Computing

Programming Languages
Data Bases
Networks, LAN, WAN,
Operating Systems (Microsoft, Linux)
High Performance Computing
Social Media
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Cyber Security